Sunday, January 22, 2012

NOTD now with crappy nail update!

So, I broke two of my nails yesterday. :( And my cuticles are horribly dry.

Ouch! Dem Cuticles!

Super Ouch! The red is nailpolish btw! :P

How can these nails save face? Perhaps a little Chinese glittery knock off polish will help?

VOVknock off: Y yesss, I will!

I layered the glittery polish over black and got a pretty nice distracting result of a dark blue purple. :) I smeared on a lot of base coat before just in case too. ;)

Lalala pretty again!

Is that a dry cutic... Oh! ShiNee!
Lol! This post was lame but then it IS 4:00 am! And my nails looked like that^! What do you expect? >.<
Anyway, I'm out. Peace!

Curb Depression, Buy Make-up :D

Hey there readers! My sister and I went to Phoenix Mills today, we were originally looking for clothes, shoes and the sort but then the Sunday mall rush just got us both down, there were lines everywhere, from the trial rooms to the loos! Seriously, holding it during a sale should be considered an art. D: 

So, we just ended up browsing and bought a minimal amount of things, my sister bought a pair of pants and I bought some undies and in the words of my socially awkward boyfriend,”boob-holders.” You can see why he would be socially awkward. -__-

And of course, since I was feeling blue about not having bought any pretty clothes or baubles, I decided to compensate for the emptiness of my carry bags with make-up. J

So here’s what I bought:
Obviously Maybelline. :P
Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in 'Hooked on Pink' and Moisture Extreme in 'Natural Rosewood'
The Natural Rosewood shade is darker than what I would usually wear, actually both these shades are much darker than my usual pink-peach choices. Hooked on Pink has a lot of carmine and mauve and N.R. has a lot more brown than I'm used to. But I found these two shades to be really pretty and I see myself wearing them on a regular basis. :D 
Got both for Rs.461 together because of the sale and my membership card. :)

BAHAHAHA! BB Cream!! Finally! *happy dance*
YES! Finally the BB cream is here! I actually went to the counter at Pantaloons to buy JUST this! I'm so happy. *sniff* And I tried it this evening and seriously, it is ah-mazing! It evens out my skin tone and reduces pores, like that! *snaps fingers*
Also, following the tradition of many Korean BB creams, it has a mega huge-ass name!
Clear Glow Bright Benefit Cream, the 8-in-1 Skin Transformer. Lol!
I want to try more BB creams, maybe Skin79? I tried the TBS one today and it seemed so meh compared to this one! Also this one is 199Rs. (169 on sale.) TBS bb is 1140Rs. -____-

Cute Bag  >w<
Lol! I saw this bag at the counter and I thought it was really cute, I don't know whether it is a promotional thing or the sales guy was just being nice because he couldn't bare seeing me stare at it longingly (not really... *shifty eyes*) but he gave me my stuff in the bag and I was like,"Oh! I get the bag? *big smile*" Sales guy,"Yes, ma'am! *big smile*" 
I may have had puppy eyes... may have....

Faces Nailpolishes 
Eye Magic and how!

I went into the Faces shop at Phoenix today for the first time and I was impressed and yet kind of disappointed lol! 
They had a large collection of stuff but most of it was out of stock, so I ended up just picking up these polishes in Brown Wood, Atomic Orange and Sparkles and something called Eye Magic transforming eye gel, which is pretty kick-ass! It's a gel that makes your eye shadows and liners waterproof and long lasting, kind of like a primer. It also helps you use your eyeshadows and glitters as liners! Only Rs.300. :) And it really works! They have a similar thing for lipsticks which I might buy next time.

ColorBar polishes in Amethyst and Exclusive 44
These colours were just what I needed! A bright pink and a vampy dark burgundy. ^-^b  Love!!~ Rs.150 each!

And that's it! Lots of polishes as you can see. :) I don't know which of these to review first, the BB cream or the eye gel.. HELP! Give me your opinions. :) And sorry if I ramble in my posts. I love to type, apparently. :P
Here's a bunch of guys dancing in weirdly lit rooms, wearing suits and singing catchy songs.. This song is super stuck in my head. -__- Damn you SuJu!! Y U NO GET OUT OF HEAD?!

See ya! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

NOTD and OPI Shatter Review

I want Black crackle polish. :(
Seriously. I love the Silver Shatter by OPI but I feel like I love it because it is OPI and not because it is genuinely awesome.

Yes, it is all "crackly" but it is just no fun. T^T The only friends it has is black or a dark blue. Which is no fun because I love my crazy colours and the crazy ones refuse to be seen with the Silver Shatter. What can I do? It's like high school all over again! *sobs*
And it's so pretty too. :(
OPI Silver Shatter: Forever Alone... *cries*

Also, the shatter is weird. It needs to be applied exactly right to get the real shatter-y effect, otherwise it might just look like chipped silver polish.

So far I've tried it with:
Maybelline Colorama Black: Awesome!
Faces "Siberian Nights" (seen here): Awesome!
Maybelline Colorama "Roxo Metalico": Kinda awesome...
Some pale lavender by Elle 18: FAIL!
Maybelline Colorama "Amarelo Sol":  SUPER FAIL! *sobs*

I'm not going to give up though! I'm going to try it with some reds and oranges, maybe a brown before I decide to give up completely. :/
So, I guess OPI Silver Shatter is not as great as I thought it would be. But mostly because it is silver. I still love it because it IS my first OPI polish but I'm sure if it were black it would effing kick ass!
And so... I need want MUST HAVE a black crackle polish. D:

So, this is my NOTD using Silver Shatter:

See how it looks so... Whatever?
That silver line doesn't look as prominent in reality. The flash kills the look a bit.

Polishes used.. Not pictured: Scotch tape. :P
 I hope you guys liked this review/ NOTD! I shall leave you with,"If you're buying crackle polish, buy BLACK!"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why I am always broke: review

Ah, yes... Online shopping. Easy, fun, and highly addictive! Seriously, I need to get away from it. I'm turning into a couch potato just sitting at home and surfing the net for things I can buy OR can't buy... If I can't then I just bookmark them and stare till an optic fibre cable with a bunch of binary code that becomes my reality! I need to go outside, into the sun and do stuff in person...
 Wait, I'm going outside? Will need sunscreen, must order now!

Ok, I'm back... I got a bit distracted there, so anyway as I was saying online shopping has taken over my life and one of the reasons I got into it is Urbantouch. Just yesterday I was a shopping online noob and suddenly I'm ordering everything from shoes to lens solution online! All because of one 

They made everything SO easy! At first I didn't want to use my card, just in case the site is fake, no biggie, CASH ON DELIVERY!! And they have everything you need, I hardly go to make up stores anymore. And shipping is fast, not to mention free if you buy stuff worth >300Rs. They used to have a free gift for every 500 spent but sadly not anymore.. Why urbantouch? WHAIII? Bring it back!! They had nice gifts too... I've gotten foot butter, face washes, a nail file lol! It isn't great stuff but fun to get.

One thing I really like about them is, the packing! I love the boxes and I keep them to store various make up, they're a classy black and very sturdy.

Warning: Fugly photos from cell camera, actual camera is temporarily deceased.

Tightly packed!

The logo.. As a designer, me no likey.

I've ordered from them three times so far. Once for a Konad stamping set, whose plate I have already lost. T-T, nailpolishes, Sally Hansen topcoat etc. Recently I bought a foundation, concealer and the Colossal Kajal because mine had gotten over.

Styrofoam-ed and bubble-wrapped
More wrapping!
I don't think I've ever ordered from another site that packs parcels so well! They're very carefully and tightly packed.

Diana of London Protouch concealer, The Colossal Kajal, Lotus Pure Radiance Matte Glow Foundation

The swatches on the site for *most* products are pretty accurate. The products I got match perfectly! The customer care is pretty good but can be weird. The first time my order was late and I mailed them a few times about it, although I would get the replies lightning fast, it would always be the same, "inconvenience regretted" type ones. 

Funny thing is, when I got the package I mailed them about how great the packing was and still got an incovenience regretted mail! Lol!
All in all, I really recommend ordering from urbantouch, it is an AMAZING site with many many many options, you'll love it! :D

Oh, btw I bought the strawberry body butter from TBS yesterday! The BIG pack, love it! :D
Nom nom nom! I could eat this stuff!

My new HURR!!! You like? No like? Tell me! Psst.. Bad picture lol!
My sister calls me Nicki Minaj now. -___-
This one I like!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Two packages in one one day

Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't been updating these past few days, I've been busy with some new work that has come my way. Hopefully this post will make up for it. :)
Yesterday I got two packages that I had ordered and I went out too, so I bought some make-up then. My two packages were from and!


I got a big bottle of Biotrue lens solution and cute hippo and pig lens cases from them. The shipping was super fast! There was a problem initially with my phone number, I had given them the wrong one so they couldn't contact me. Due to that, my order was on hold for 2 days, then I called them to inquire, made the corrections and my order was on its way! Shipping was super fast! It was at my door the next afternoon. :D

 I was so excited about the porkdaisy package! It was my first time buying from them and I think I'll be getting all my NYX stuff from there from now on. Even with S&H, my order came out cheaper than buying it in stores here! I bought 2 matte lip creams and a round lipstick and the cost with shipping was only Rs.900! To buy one lip cream in a store or Indian shopping site, would cost me Rs.600 for just one! You can do the math! D: Stupid taxes...
 It took around 15-20 days to get here and they had shipped it out the next day of ordering! Very prompt! :D They also have brands like L.A. colors, Cherimoya and Kleancolor that I want to try later. I totally recommend this site, it is truly value for money!

Very well packed, with a FRAGILE sticker 
Even the packing inside was very good, the cosmetics were wrapped in foam and bubblewrap

Soft matte Lip creams and Round Lipstick
Round Lipstick in 599 "Fire"

The round lipstick in "Fire" is such an amazing colour, it's a pink toned red, really bright but muted at the same time.. If that made sense. :/

Soft matte lip creams in Addis Ababa and Antwerp

I LOVE both these colours so much! They feel really velvelty on the lips and the colour pay-off is great. Compared to the VOV knock-offs, these are not at all different. The smell, packaging and feel is the same but these dry really fast and the VOV ones take 10 minutes or so, by that time you've already eaten/ drunk something to wash the colour off. So that sucks ass about the VOV.

Otherwise you can't ell the diff at all... See:
Spot the copy cats!
See how similar VOV has tried to make these! Lol! I still love the "Monte Carlo" shade though, the "Stockholm/ Tokyo" makes me look dead.

The two above are the NYX, the bottom two are VOV, you can see the VOV is glossy compared to NYX
I'm really loving online shopping! I have another order from Urbantouch on its way.. Don't be surprised if I stop blogging, it would probably be because I pawned my computer to shop... Actually that defeats the purpose doesn't it?

Monday, January 2, 2012

More Orange Lipstick Reviews Ensue

Argh! Argh! Argh! I know, I suck. I promised awesomeness and then disappeared! I'm sorry about that, seriously! *Bows as low as she can go*
My various relatives decided that it is just sad that we all spend New Year's eve and day alone in our respective homes, when we can party for two days together! And that's what happened and that's why I was gone. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! T^T
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Although it already is a day old. :(
This is my first review of the year, woohoo! I hope you enjoy it. I'll be posting one more review today after this one.

The lipstick I will be reviewing is Maybelline Colorsensational (that is one word right?) lipstick in Bronze Orange.
Since it's called Bronze Orange, I'm actually happy it doesn't look like that colour. ^
See the pretty colour, it reminded me of NYX Frappuccino

I bought this lipstick at the Westside sale, that I was talking about so I got it for 185 Rs instead of 220. Bahahaha… It matches my "cheap" title perfectly. This is actually my first Maybelline lipstick! I was shocked to realise this last night, when I was putting on my make-up, my kajal is Colossal Kajal, Mascara is Colossal Lash and eyeliner is the Dramatic gel liner thing all Maybelline! But no Maybelline lipstick. My mum is a Maybelline lipstick addict and I've used her lipsticks but never thought of buying my own... Hmmm, maybe that's why. :/
Anyway, I’m in love with the colour, I loved it from the second I saw it. It’s lovely peachy coraly-ness kept beckoning me to buy it. 
When I got home, I googled the colour. Its just a thing I tend to do, I research whatever I buy. Lol! Turns out it is a seriously popular colour with most bloggers! I didn’t even know this, I guess I have good taste! :D

The colour is so pigmented, I didn't think it would cover my lips as well as it did! And I like the texture of this lipstick just as much as the colour, it's nice and creamy but not like NYX where they tend to be so creamy, they melt. The lipstick does smear a bit and come off pretty easily, but I don't mind it.

I put the Frapuccino next to the to see how similar they are. The is more orange. :/
Considering the cost and the colour pay-off I'm totally buying this and more colours in the future! :) Especially since it is one lonely little Maybelline lipstick in my drawer lol!
I wore the colour today, it is so cheerful for a day out! I also re-did my hair to be purple for awhile. :D Ignore how bad the picture is. :P

 I seem to say Maybelline a lot in this review... Weird. Ignore me. D:
I hope you guys enjoyed this review, I have another one coming at you later. :)


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