Friday, December 30, 2011

Guh.. I don't feel so good.

Hey guys, sorry for being off the radar these past few days, I've been dwelling in a pool of chaos. I have many pets, caring for them can be a lot of work sometimes but I don't mind, I love them. :) I have a turtle, (now) 3 mice and 5 betta fish, I used to have many more bettas but they died in an epidemic. :(
Two days ago one of my mice died. She died sometime in the night and I only realised the next evening because it had *gulp* started to smell. They usually sleep in the day so I didn't think much of it when I didn't see her. :/ I feel really guilty about that.

I think the horrible part was getting her out though... Since it stank. -__- Enter: Boyfriend. Donning plastic gloves he got the body out, then I had to clean the entire cage out, so no blogging then. And sorry you had to picture that. D:

My turtle's filter decided to give up yesterday so I was off buying a new motor for it. She didn't appreciate the lack of waterfall (the water outtake) to sit under and was dancing at me the whole day trying to get me to fix it. -_- *thinks her animals are people.*

Today was fun, though I'm really tired now, my sister and I went out for lunch and a few drinks and then to Westside, where they're having an end of year sale! Ladies, go BUY ALL THE THINGS!!! Sadly, I was too full and slightly drunk to actually shop-shop. So I just bought a lipstick and a nice top, which I shall show you guys tomorrow! And I'm totally going back there, you know.. To shop-shop lol!

Now, I just want to sit, relax, surf the interwebz and probably doze off in my chair till noon tomorrow. Hopefully my camera will charge by then and I will have a few posts for you.. Including:

  • What we bought today.. (not so great, you can skip it. :P)
  • OPI Shatter review (read read read)
  • A lipstick review 
  • I have to post the award that Suhani nominated me for! D:
Ok, maybe I can't do ALL of that tomorrow but I will try my best for most of it! Till then bye.. Enjoy a few photos of my little mousie babies. :)

This is Baadal (it means cloud)

Coco is the black, Barkha (means rain) is the white, they're fighting over the wheel. -__-

Baadal and Coco are best friends. :)

So I will get back on track tomorrow, Till then, me need sleep.

EDIT: I just realised how sad it is that I have nothing to do on New year's eve... Except write stuff. *headdesk*

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hope you girls haven’t eaten yet; A gross review!

I love the Koreans, I really do! From their K-pop music, kimchi, my kickass Samsung monitor, to awesome make up products (VOV for the win.) they rule all aspects of my life, along with the Japanese and Chinese (because every bloody thing seems to be made there!) Now I have something to add to the awesome-ness list…

So today I’m reviewing a product that I NEEDED forever! It is called Cettua Nose Pore Strips. And it’s Korean! Lol! My blackheads are really stubborn, they never want to leave, no matter how much I scrub, cleanse, steam or (gulp) squeeze. When I saw this product in the shop I was a bit cynical, especially after using those old Pond’s strips that were such a waste of money! But then it was Korean, I trust them.
So here are the deets of the strips, they claim to deep clean pores and remove blackheads.
I wouldn't want to be this girl, always remembered as,"That blackhead girl!"

Isn't it ka-yoot?! The little hearts and bows...

I got this stuff for 100 INR, for 6 strips, pretty decent. The ingredients include Witch hazel and kaolin, sounds good! It is also hypo-allergenic. Good for me! :D
When you open it, it smells medicated, hence effective. Lol! So you put it on over your wet nose and go about your work till it dries, like 15-20 minutes…
My sister demonstrating her multi-tasking powers

So here are the results!


Eww! That came from me! *barfs*

Not bad eh? It even got some of the hair on my nose off! Lol! I gotta say, this stuff is super effective, I recommend it to anyone. It even found blackheads on my sister’s nose and her nose is smooth! After she was done, it felt like a soft, velvety peach! :D
I think the only issue I had with it was that the size is small. I mean I have a huge Punju nose, I need more surface area and these are made for tiny Korean noses. Anyway, I don’t mind using 2 together, seeing how effective it is! J

I give it a 4/5, -1 for the size.

I know this is a silly review really but I just had to show you how awesome this stuff is and how awesome the Koreans are!

Speaking of awesome Koreans, enjoy some K-pop: Boy band and Girl band, take your pick ;)


Sunday, December 25, 2011

I got a Xmas surprise. :D

One of my friends got me O.P.I.'s Shatter nail polish in Silver Shatter from the US!!! Wooot! I'm so excited! I can't wait to try it out! EEEE!!!! *deep breath*

And my aunt, also coming back from the US got me the Moringa bath set by The Body Shop and a certifiably insane amount of candy and chocolates. It feels like Xmas now!

P.S.- *o* So many exclamations!
And Happy Christmas everyone! Enjoy your holidays and eat a lot lol! Sorry about the tiny post, I've got more stuff to upload later but for now, this is it. I've got some fun videos for you to watch:

12 days of xmas Channel V version
"Santa Claws"
Jingle Balle Balle


Friday, December 23, 2011

NOTD (nails of the day)...

... And hopefully the week! Seriously, I hate how much my nail polish chips. And I'm so OCD that the smallest chip makes me remove the whole thing and do it over. :/ *end rant*

So today's NOTD is *ding ding ding* leopard prints! Lol!
I love leopard print, it is so trashy/ kitschy yet wearable! So here is the look:

I broke my index finger's nail. I is a klutz! D: So I thought a really big french tip would make my nails look longer. ^_^

Heehee.. I'm pretty happy with it!

What I used: Sally Hansen double duty as base coat, Maybelline Colorama Dourado Metalico for the gold. Nail art pens in pink and black for spots and Konad top coat. :)
Hope you liked it! I gotta run now, have a lunch to go to! Bye!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Xmas party nail art tutorial!

My sister is going to a Xmas party tomorrow and she wanted purdy nails, so I thought I'd help her out, especially since she's a make-up noob. She likes cutesy things so I first thought of Santa but then I thought I would go more non-denominational so i decided on snowmen!

What I used: Faces Nail polish in "Siberian Nights", NYX nail art polish in "Silver glitter", black and white (Rong Xin) nail art pens, Street Wear polish in "Tangy Orange" for the carrot nose and a tooth pick for detailing. I also used Konad's clear top coat. It is amazing, this top coat! No smeary nailpolish designs! :D

First apply two coats of the dark blue.

Then draw a few random circles out with the silver

Next, draw 2 circles for the snowman in white and give him eyes, stick arms and a hat in black. If you don't have the nail art pens, you can always use normal nail polish and draw with a dotting tool or just a toothpick! I also made white dots as snowfall. ^_^

Now add a little carrot nose and a few buttons if you want with the toothpick. Then clean off the excess with a cotton bud dipped in remover.
excuse my desk, art students are messy people

Next just apply top coat and your cute festive design is done!
Ain't he cute?

Close up
There you go! A frosty little guy to keep your nails company! And finally I'm done! My internet has decided to become old and decrepit for the end of the year and has been really slow. :/ Oh, well.. Took me 2 hours but I got the pics up! 
I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and if you try it out definitely let me know because I would love to see it! I would also really like it if you could give me some critique for how I gave this tutorial and if you would like to see more! I know I missed a few steps in pics teehee sorry... 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A teeny little haul :)

Before I drift off to la-la land for the night, I wanted to post a haul of some products I bought at Beauty Center yesterday. It is a jumble of things and some I’m really excited about! Swatches will come tomorrow because my camera’s being a bitch right now. *rolls eyes at drama cam*

I think I spent like Rs. 1600 over all this. Not bad eh? Still feel guilty though lol! I always do. -__-
Anyway, enjoy my little splurge. It’s not that great but I feel very accomplished because after 3-4 months I’ve actually walked into a shop and bought things instead of clicking buttons on the internet. :D

Faces cosmetics
I got the I-Shine eyeshadow quartet in blue and "Siberian Nights" nail polish. They gave me a free gift of these velcro curlers. Lol! Don't know when I'll use them.

Maybelline polishes and ADS (whatever that is) polish remover

These polishes were just too pretty to pass up! In Amarelo Sol, Roxo Metalico, Dourado Metalico and black. The "black" is such an anti-climax after all those heavy names :D The remover is apple scented! Definitely better than the strawberry scented I bought last time. Eww..

Teeez eyeliner, Street Wear eye definer, eyelash curler

I bought this eyeliner in "Ocean" by Teeez cosmetics, they're a pretty well establish European company. The packaging is cute, yes? The eye definer by Street Wear is in white, I just needed it seriously! What? Ok maybe not... Lol! Te curler was totally on impulse. *headdesk*


This! This is crazy! These are soft matte lip creams by... wait for it... VOV! Say what? Yes! Not by NYX, by VOV. Such plagiarism was never seen before! The packaging, the colours, the written content, it is ALL the same!! Even the effing smell is DA SAME! I bought these two for like a 100 bucks each (NYX Rs. 600!) 
They're 100% the same! I promise! I mean, unless these make your lips melt off that is. But I'm willing to take that chance. *brave face*
The ones I got were the colours.. ahem... Monte Carlo and Istanbul/Tokyo *cough*. I wanted to get the Addis Ababa and Antwerp too but I've already ordered those two from . The only other colour left was London.
I later realised that the baby pink makes me look like a pale zombie princess so I just plan to dab and blot. The red is a beauty! Swatches tomorrow! ♥

Can you say, "Impulsive?"

This is the Bath and Body Works PocketBac, basically a hand sanitizer from their Halloween special, it is called Bones. There were more, I wanted them all.. With names like Skulls, Vampire Blood, Bat something something... Why I bought it? Well... The packaging was cute... :( Ok, I'm ashamed of myself. I suck. No self-control here. But it is so CUTE! I want more!! *makes grabby hands* O.o


Review: “Lip Ice “ lip balm in Blueberry

I just returned home from a long day. A friend of mine is looking for a house so of course I had to go.. Le sigh. I also went to the optometrist today, turns out my number has increased and I would need toric lenses which by the way are fucking expensive!! Anyway here’s a mini review I wrote on Lip Ice because I thought would help me relax.

I bought this at the local chemist for Rs.120. Ok, so I’m not quoting the details on the package, here’s a photo instead. Because I’m lazy.. Yes I am.

When I first heard of Lip Ice two months ago, my first reaction was, wtf is “Lip Ice” why would someone call it that? SO a week ago out of sheer curiosity I bought a tube and found out. Well, I found out once I read the ingredients lol! I mean it said camphor and menthol so I was like duh! That’s why!

Now, the name is totally fitting. As soon as you apply this stuff you feel the kind of tingling and coolness you feel when you apply Carmex (which I totally recommend btw!) It moisturizes your lips really well and it has SPF! BONUS!! It also has a nice albeit typically artificial blueberry smell. The smell is not overpowering or anything though, and goes away in time.

I’m in love with this balm, its chapstick form makes sure you don’t get your grimy fingers in there, not that you guys have grimy fingers but you know what I mean, right? It has graduated to being my number one lip balm! I wear it under my lipstick and before bed after my lip scrub ritual. My Carmex and Body Shop balms are probably planning an assassination from their dark little drawer. Don’t worry babies I love you too!
I see this lip balm being very good for summer use, with the cooling and sunscreen properties it has. I’m not quoting any pros and cons because dude, seriously, I’ve been quoting all my pros and guess what..

THERE ARE NO CONS! Why is it so good? I don’t know! But it is! It may have something to do with the fact that it’s from Japan… Those guys can do anything!
That’s my review, hope you enjoyed it! Lip Ice is also available in lemon, strawberry, orange.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday night out at CPK Mumbai

After months and months of not meeting, finally my friends and I went out on Friday night for some dining! It was so much fun!
We decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen in Phoenix Mills, Mumbai!

Pics before leaving are always mandatory! Lol!


I always love the way they have the plates, it looks so nice and organised!

Boys and their beers. :) 

Doing keedagiri while we wait

My crazy sister and friend and I!
Finally! Food! Meatcravers Pizza

Sicilian Pizza *drools*
My friends and I took a walk in Palladium later

Pretty decor for the holidays!
The snowflakes look so magical!

Rape victim mannequin lol! With Xmas chaddis! ROFL!!
Most of the food we ate like the Mushroom pepperoni pizza was not photographed due to everyone scarfing it down.. The Non-veg platter was yum too, just wish it had some more quantity! The Sicilian and Meatcravers was topped with juicy salamis and bacon! Lovely for a carnivore like me. The food can be a bit too "American" and bland for Indian tastes.. I solve that with a little Tabasco sauce and chilly flakes. One great thing was that our cocktails were packed with a punch! Very nice. :) And the 80's music as ambiance was awesome for someone like me who loves retro! I was singing along to every song lol, including Achy Breaky Heart! 

I'd say my only complaint would be the taxes. We had a bill of 4,500 rupees and a thousand of that was just taxes!! Ruins the mood after a great meal experience. :<
It's a great place to go with all your friends and enjoy just watch out for those taxes!

My look:
Lipstick: NYX Milan round lipstick
Eyeshadow: Neutrals from my Revlon Make-up collection pallete
Liner: Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner
Kajal: Colossal Kajal by Maybelline
Mascara: Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Blush: Clarins Cinnamon
Concealer: ELF (love this!)
Cover up: Jordana Double Cover

I also wore Freshlook's ColorBlends contact lenses in Green. :)

Lipstick Review: Faces Moisture Rich 07“French Rose”

These last few months I’ve been looking for two things:  A really good TV connection deal and the perfect orange/ coral lipstick. Well, sadly my TV woes continue so this is obviously about the lipstick.  This is my first ever review! Hope you like it and it helps!
 The lipstick I’m going to be reviewing today is called French Rose and it is from the Moisture Rich collection by Faces Cosmetics. This was my first time trying this brand and I gotta tell ya, I’m glad I did!

 I wasn’t able to swatch this before buying it because I bought it online on (I’ll be doing a review about the site soon.) This colour just drew me in and before I knew it, I was hitting the  “ORDER NOW” button. Price: Rs. 330. Not bad eh?

The packaging of the lipstick I find nice aesthetically but a bit bulky when using. It has a square lid and base and the base is transparent to show you the colour inside.
See, how pretty?!

 This colour is a pinky orange with no shimmer, just crème like, just like I like it! The colour is very VERY pigmented! The first time I swatched it I was just like:  O_o ,”OMG! This colour is way too bright and I’m never going to use it! With the bright hair and lips, I’mma look like a clown” *cries* 

No flash (L) Flash (R)

But for some reason  I just couldn’t give up on it, I loved it too much. (The images do no justice to the brightness of this colour, but bear with me)

I tried applying it directly on my lips…. FAIL!
imagine it 2 times brighter!

With gloss…  Still no!
I'm not a gloss fan! 

And then it struck me to use a brush and blot! WIN WIN WIN!!! I can wear the colour like that!  *commences happy dance*
Blotted and reapplied lightly

And that was it! This colour would be treasured forever! Or at least till they stop making it anymore….

  •          Amaah-zing colour pay-off!
  •          Transparent base helps identify colour
  •          Very fashionable unique colour, most brands don’t have these for Indian markets.
  •          Great for medium-fair skin like mine if worn correctly.
  •          Lasts for  3-4 hours, transfers when eating etc
  •          CHEAP


  •          Teeth may look yellow on some people
  •          Faces isn’t a brand I see very often in stores, so hard to find.
  •          Rest of the make up has to be seriously toned down, like in my case hair colour and eyeliner.. I love my eyeliner! :<
  •          Sets into fine lines but not noticeable

That’s it! I say this colour is perfect for girls who love the drama of orange! If this colour is not your cup of iced tea, get some of their other awesome shades, like First Lady, Fiery Orange (which is really pink -__-) or Neon Dahlia! All great colours! ^_^

Rating: 4/5 Will buy again!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Disgruntled Girl in a Recession World

   Hi, welcome to my blog! I've never been much of a blogger but I guess it's never too late eh? I'm a total make-up whore and I've become a beauty blog junkie recently. I like to skim through them for long periods aka till my eyes are sore, usually looking for some good product reviews but I've noticed that most of those reviews just don't cater to my pocket and the products are always amaah-zing but always out of reach. I'm not trying to offend, if you can afford them, lucky you! I can't. :( And I know there are tons of girls out there just like me, always looking for a bargain and something special yet inexpensive and can't always splurge on MAC, Lancome, or the like.
  So, I've decided, this blog is going to be a beauty blog, with a few of my ramblings scattered in there. It will feature tutorials, tips and reviews of affordable products for the girl in a time of the recession and maybe a few splurges here and there.... Hey, poor girls gotta shop too! ;)



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